Air Cargo

Easy charter flights address your most urgent shipment requirements with exclusive use of an entire aircraft. Air charter service is the fastest possible solution to meet a shipping deadline. Our experienced and equipped team will assist you with tailor-made air charter solutions for your air cargo. Our service is round the clock so that your most urgent air freight arrives when required. Looking into your actual need our charter pricing is customized especially. We determine the right aircraft type and position ensuring that your urgent cargo arrives on time. Our services allow us to overcome constraints that standard air freight simply can’t overcome. To reach your delivery objectives, we’ll partner with you to determine the best air charter option. Your shipment is also monitored every step of the way.

Easy charter flights use the optimum aircraft to match your shipment’s needs. Your shipment is matched to the ideal air charter solution by our industry experts. We provide round the clock support and coverage. By hiring us, you get the benefit of the fastest cargo transport in the industry. We get the job done in conditions like equipment failure situation which is costing you thousands by the minute or delivering medical equipment or other time-sensitive cargo as soon as possible. With our services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year, we can deliver your cargos to a distant location on Thanksgiving or New Year’s Day. At any given time, you can exactly locate your air freight with our track and trace system. We operate dropping cargo in remote destinations too which might otherwise need an extensive timeline for delivery. Easy Charter flights can do it as quickly as possible if you have the equipment to send to a remote oil field or drop rations or relief packages.