Family flights

Easy Charter Flights provides affordable private jet charters for family flights. It’s much more comfortable hiring a private jet then flying commercially when on a family trip. Private family flights offer the following benefits:

Flexibility: Charter family flights offer flexibility i.e. not going through commercial airline regulations which can be difficult when traveling with kids. On charter flights, enjoy the facility of moving freely, eat good food as per your timing and just spread out on the plane rather than cramped up uncomfortably in commercial airline seating.

Temperature: With your personal plane, you won’t have to go through freezing cold commercial flights. With charter flights, you can have full control over the air conditioning system of the plane onboard. This will allow you to enjoy your flight and stay comfortable throughout your flight.

On-Board Entertainment: With the On-Board Entertainment system keeps your children happy throughout the flight. It will be a great family-friendly experience with you having complete control over what your child sees, hear or watch during the flight.

Few Luggage Restrictions: You can bring your stroller or buggy onboard instead of checking your stroller at the gate. Upon landing at your destination, our staff members will prepare the stroller for your once more and make it easy to access for your upcoming travel leg.

Pre-Arranged Ground Transport: With commercial flights, the service ends once you step out over the plane’s threshold. But with a charter flight, enjoy world-class service for long after your flight ends. We shall arrange ground transport for you and your family which allows you to work out the details you need to get to your next destination quickly and safely.

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