Music tour

We are specialists in chartering flights for crews, promotional tours and one-off gigs with a point-to-point drop or pick-up. Our services include flying international DJs, national orchestras and big-name bands. We can arrange a dedicated aircraft for a world tour with coordinating everything. We have chartered private jets for popular destinations like Los Angeles, Mexico, Ibiza, Dubai, Belgium, Holland, Goa, France, Switzerland, Slovakia and Denmark, to name a few. We have a dedicated team of staff who works closely with agents, tour managers and promoters who will get every detail for your music tour. We can handle your demands like short time frames, multiple shows in 24 hours and last-minute changes. We will work out everything for you once we receive your schedule which includes services like nearest airports, departure times, flight times, driving times to venue and anything involved needed to keep the tour on track. All the little extras are also taken care of like wifi, branding, catering. Whatever is required, we shall arrange it.